This video is a good one to see all the basic skills of volleyball. There is a lot of repitition which will allow you to get a good look at how the skills are performed. Take a look at the key points with each of the skills and watch how they are all put together.

Skills shown: Spike from middle, power and offside positions, blocking (single), overhand serve, volley, forearm pass (bump)

Skills shown: Serve, bump, & volley. Watch the skills and analyse whether she is doing the skills properly. She has a lot of the key points but there is one skill that she needs a little work on. Which one would that be?

Ready Position:
Staggered Stance
· Knees bent as if you were sitting on an imaginary chair.
· Arms out to your sides with palms facing up which allows you to be ready to volley or bump the ball.
· Weight on your toes.

The Overhead Pass AKA: Volley - used to pass a high ball
Make a diamond or triangle shape with your hands.
· Hands must be above forehead to make contact.
· Emphasis on pushing the ball with the pads of your fingers rather than slapping the ball.
· Use your legs for power and step towards your target.
· Square to the target you want the ball to go to.

Great video on setting!

The Forearm Pass - AKA: Bump - used to pass a low ball
Contact is made with your forearms
· Two ways to put your hands:
1. Make a fist and clasp it with opposite hand. Make sure that your thumbs are pointing down and elbows
are locked.

2. Cup one hand over the other, turn thumbs in and elbows are locked.
· Keep Low in Ready position
· No swinging of the arms! Legs do 90% of the work. Power comes from the standing up with the legs to meet the ball.
· Square (facing) the direction you want the ball to go, not the direction the ball is coming from.

This 6 year old girl has the basic skills for the forearm pass. Watch how she is always in the ready position when passing the ball. Focus on these basic key points and you will be able to pass the ball using the forearm pass.

The Spike: - Fast offensive hit to a specific spot.
· Foot progression:
Right handed = Left step then stride off left foot and land right-left so that you can take off on both feet upwards to hit the ball.

Left handed = Right step then stride off right foot and land left-right so that you can take off with both feet straight up to hit the ball.

· Bow and arrow with hands
· Contact the ball with heel of the hand then flick the wrist downwards so that the fingertips strike the ball (this causes top spin on the ball).
· Extend elbow to contact the ball at its highest point.
· Cannot touch the net
· A “roll” is like a “spike” but it does not go straight down to the floor, instead it is used to roll the ball over a blocker and land near the back of the court.

Roll: (attack shot) - used to place the ball overtop of a block and into the back court.
  1. Bow and arrow technique.
  2. Extend arm to contact the ball at it's highest point.
  3. Fingers closed, hand straight.
  4. Contact ball with heel of hand then snap fingers over top of ball for rolling action (spin).
  5. Body position facing intended target.

Skill: Blocking. Watch how the players move to get into position for the block. When do they start to jump up to block the ball? What are they doing with their hands?

The Block: - Used to stop spiked balls
· Feet are shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent.
· Square to the net about 1 foot from the net
· Start with arms above shoulders
· Hands come together with stiff-straight fingers as you reach the top of the net.
· Fingers are spread
· Cannot touch the net.

The Underhand Serve: A reliable serve with good accuracy (not as powerful as the overhand serve).
- Hold ball in non hitting hand (in front of hitting side).
- Step with left foot (if right handed) towards target.
- At the same time, draw you service arm straight back and follow straight through the ball.
- Contact the ball with the palm/heel of the hand.
- Follow through towards the target.

Great example of how reliable the underhand serve can be. Watch her routine, is it the same every time? What does she look at as she is hitting the ball? Does she toss the ball in the air before contact?

OVERHAND SERVE - A power serve that can be performed with top spin or a flutter method.
- Hold ball in non hitting hand with a straight arm in front of the hitting side
- Hitting arm is back with a bent elbow (handing pointing upwards).
- THE TOSS - most important part of skill - Toss it straight up (height will vary from person to person).
- Extend elbow and contact the ball with heel/palm of the hand first, then the fingers follow overtop of the ball.
- Follow through towards target.

How To Serve Overhand In Volleyball
Nice example of the overhand serve. Same principles apply for indoors as well. Is the server putting a lot of power into the serve?