Here are the answers for our soccer test this week. If you are reading this, you are definitely one bright cookie. Great job in taking advantage of these answers.

Passing: 3 Key points

1. Point non kicking foot towards the target.
2. Turn kicking foot out in order to contact the ball with the inside of the foot. (Grades 7 can turn their foot in and contact the ball with the outside of the foot).
3. Sweep through the ball with foot following through towards the target.

Click on the video below to help give you a visual of the above 3 key points.

Trapping: (3 key points)
1. Move to get position behind the ball.
2. Lift one foot up and place directly behind the ball.
3. Cushion ball or Direct the ball on contact.

Ball Control: (3 points)
1. Light touches with feet (inside, outside, bottom, etc...)
2. Keep ball within one meter of your feet.
3. Look forward not at the ball.

In the video, watch how she maintains her balance by using light touches on the ball. Also notice how close she has the ball. Try and figure out the one thing that she is doing that if she did in the game, it would restrict her vision.

Throw - In (grade 7)
1. Hands behind the ball
2. Lift ball straight over the head.
3. Keep both feet on the ground during release.
4. Hands follow through towards target.

Click on the video below to help visualize the above 4 points for a throw in.

1. Feet planted if possible (sometimes you must jump up to meet the ball)
2. Eyes on the ball
3. Lean back
4. Snap forward by bending at the waist.
5. Make contact with forehead
Check the video for a visual aid for heading the ball.

There are 11 players on the field at one time. One player is the goalkeeper, who is the only player who is allowed to handle the ball with his/her hands on the field. The number of players in the next three set of positions varies as each team may use a different system or have multiple systems. Full Backs (defenders), Mid fielders and Strikers (forwards) represent the remaining 10 players. A common system would be a 4-4-2 (4 Full backs, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers). Again, each team has their own system(s) of play.

Check the video below to get more information about soccer positions.

That's it! Take a little time to picture yourself doing these key points or get a friend and practice them this week so that you will be ready for your test this week.

GOOD LUCK! Email or come and see if me if you have any more questions.