These rules are modified to suit our PE classes:

  1. The field is going to be the green volleyball court; orange cones will be at the corners to help identify the field.
  2. Small orange cones will be placed where the offence will start from, this applies to each team.
  3. If you step outside the green line you are out of bounds and the play stops at that spot.
  4. The end zone is anywhere past the green line at the end of the field. You must pass the green line in order to score.

General Rules

  1. Each team will be divided by the teacher and will wear a colored jersey.
  2. Only 6 players can be on the field at one time, if there are more then 6 those who sit out to start will rotate in to the game so everyone has equal amount of playing time.
  3. We will use rock/paper/scissors to determine which team gets the ball first.
  4. Each team has 4 downs to get a TOUCHDOWN, if not the other team starts on offence from their own end (not from where the play ended for the other team).
  5. 2 hand touch ONLY, a player is considered down ounce they are touched.
  7. Defense can have 1 pass rusher who is responsible to pressure the QB, PR must count out 4 steamboats (out load) before going after the QB.
  8. No KICKING the ball.
  9. Offence can huddle up if they choose prior to their plays but you only have 15 seconds to make your play and come to the line of scrimmage.